Decluttering your workspace for a productive start to 2019

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    1st week back blues? Declutter your office for a productive start to 2019...

    We’ve all been there – piles of paperwork that need to be sorted and post it notes attached to every surface.

    Taking the time to declutter your workspace can be surprisingly cathartic and give you a clear head to launch into the New Year. A new workspace can really boost productivity, creativity and your mood.

    Here are some top tips to get started…which is often the hardest part!

    #1 – Identify the Essentials

    If this seems overwhelming…you’re not alone. But once you get started, you’ll soon get into the zone! Identify those items that you use on a daily basis and keep them within arm’s reach. Anything else in that area needs to go into drawers/filing cabinets or the BIN!

    #2 – Delete and Destroy

    It sounds brutal, but getting rid of needless E-mails and paper is the best way to get organised. This can be tough, but BE RUTHLESS and aim to halve the amount of E-mails in your inbox – this will make you feel empowered and organised. There will be less to sift through when you are looking for relevant documents which will save you time searching.

    #3 – Get Up and Move!

    Don’t spend all day staring at your desk…it’s not going to help! Getting up moving every hour gets that blood flowing and gives your eyes a break from the screen. If you have a sit/stand desk, even better. A good cheat for this is to position your filing cabinet away from your desk so that you have to physically move to get to your files. Don’t get stuck in that swivel chair all day!

    #4 – Get Out for Your Lunch

    Nobody likes to see half eaten lunches left on a plate on a desk..or a Jenga tower of lunch boxes balancing precariously on the edge of a cabinet. Take your lunch outside/to another area and give yourself a break from your workspace…

    You’ll be amazed at the effects of taking a break during the day. Research shows that employees who take a break from their desks during the day come back with a renewed energy and creativity for the afternoon ahead.

    Just 20 mins away for lunch could be a game-changer for your afternoon.

    #5 – Cleanse and Reset

    It’s nobody’s favourite job, but a quick wipe down of your workspace with a pleasantly fragranced antibacterial wipe will leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed. If you really want to get into it, get the hoover out and give your chair the once over as well as your general workspace.

    So, if you want to boost your creativity, productivity and mood – try these small steps as a starting point and transform your mindset.

    If you want more radical advice on the planning and layout of your office then feel free to get in touch with us here at Re:Work… / 0113 272 1341

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