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Discussion in 'The Forum' started by Vicki Wonders, 3 Dec 2018.

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    I often get asked if the furniture we supply is ‘going to fall apart’ based on the assumption that we’ve botched two items together to make one…. And really that is up-cycling at its best, and probably an ingenious way to save items from going into a skip or bin.

    However, it’s not really what we do at Re-Work Office Furniture in Leeds, we tend to buy furniture so that we can control the quality of what we get in to re-sell. And that’s purely what we do, re-use the good quality items.

    We clean all the furniture, taking all the tubes of half eaten polo mints, pencil sharpeners and highlighter pens, (we re-use those as much as we can too – not the polo’s though!!!)

    We have a professional valet come in and clean all the chairs so they are as sparkly as they can be, and most of the time, our customers can’t even tell the difference between what is new and what is used.

    The photo I have used here, is of a charity in Dewsbury, opening a new office for a specific project, and all the furniture in this office is used, it all matches, and it looks fabulous (in our customers opinion!!)

    So I just wanted to dismiss any myths that we take legs off something and attach them onto something else, we really don’t do any of that up-cycling, we simply re-use good quality office furniture, that is matching, clean and looking tip top.

    If you want to discuss all things office furniture, be it New or Used, Design or Planning just drop me a message @wearerework
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    Excellent Thank you Vicki.
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    I love a polo

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