£20 Xmas Present For Camera Enthusiasts

Discussion in 'Special Offers' started by Adrian Wilson, 13 Dec 2018.

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    Got a family member who's always taking photos with their phone - or even a camera?

    Get them a fantastic photography experience this Xmas - we're running 5 short beginners sessions in Jan/Feb this year designed to teach and practice 5 great tips to take better photos with EVERY camera.

    So they don't need to have a proper camera, just a phone or a compact camera, and we'll do a short walk around Leeds Granary Wharf ending at the train station.

    They'll learn

    • rule of thirds
    • lead lines
    • strong subjects
    • looking for the light
    • change your view-point

    These 5 things will totally change the way they look at the world - all for £20

    Details and booking is here


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